Coloured Landscapes,
Coded Landscapes

Internet & Installation. 2015.

Sara Krajewski describes contemporary society as “an age where quickness and disposability are valued by so many”1 such an age where moments of “pause for reflection”1 become even more essential. Coloured Landscapes remains rooted within the digital space and explores the programmatic, autonomous yet subjective nature of digital imagery by creating what at first glance seem to be flat monochromatic landscapes of colour, but they reveal an ambiguous paradox—the human traces within a mechanical process.

Even within this purely digital seemingly mechanical process, human errors appear, as time within the piece progresses drifts begin to form, numbers desynchronise, they begin to slow, showing the unique subjectivity formed from even the most autonomous of processes. The numbers feel arbitrary, counting to an inevitable end, but an end that seems so far away, only again returning to zero at midnight. The speed of the changing images echo the disposablility—the fleeting nature of the digital space.

Over 24 hours, 16,777,216 colours are displayed flashing by every 5 milliseconds, never repeating, ever drifting to the inevitable end. Each group of seemingly unrelated numbers displayed, represents a value for the intensity of red, green and blue within each given colour, they are the values that make digital display possible, turning imagery into data, adding layers, further subverting colour into arbitrarily coded numbers, creating new forms of representation showing how fundamentally unique any form of representation is, and in doing so questions the authenticity of such a descriptive, yet by its very nature, deceptive medium.

1 Krajewski, Sara. 2015. Under construction. Foam.

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Coloured Landscapes internet installation

Coded Landscapes internet installation